making a concrete casting

To make something out of concrete, the concrete is only part of the story.  Measurements must be made, a form built, and concrete is then cast into it. Once the concrete has hardened, the form must be removed, and the concrete is allowed to cure until ready for a sealer.

In the case of a concrete countertop, a template often needs to be made, and this requires a site visit.  Important information is gathered during templating including: access to the installation location, irregularities in walls, and specific plumbing information.  Once back in the shop, the template is used as the basis for making a form.
Once the slabs have been cast, demolded, and sealed, then they need to be packaged for shipping.  Special care must be taken, as there may be bumps on the road to their final placement.  Once the countertops have arrived at their new home, they are installed and fixed into place in a procedure that can take up to a day to complete.

Making a piece of furniture is similar.  First a drawing is made. A mold is made, and concrete cast into it.  The casting is then released from the form, and allowed to cure.  It is then sealed, and finished details are added.  Click on the gallery below to take a closer look at this process:

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