I am actively seduced by the material wealth and surprise that is concrete.  It has become  my mission to share with others the beauty of this material, and help act as an agent to pull the design ideas that are resident in each human mind, but often hidden from the active conscience.

The best part of working with this enchanted material, are the relationships and stories that come with each unique creation.

My business is also part of the Brick Coworkshop.  Brick is a congregation of artists, artisans, and scientists working in materials such as metal, glass, wood, and the aesthetics of space, all under one roof.  Not only are we a collection of individual businesses, we are collectively a singular business.  If it can be thought, somebody here can make it.

Whether your needs are interior or exterior, small or large, functional or ephemeral, countertop or calliope, concrete is a material you should consider.  I hope my company, and its capabilites can be part of that story.

Michael Karmody

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